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Grassroots Efforts Gaining Momentum as Youth Lead Charge

The Risk it All with Fentanyl awareness campaign was created with the goal of peer-to-peer outreach to engage with youth in the most effective way possible. The City of Henderson’s Engagement and Programs team has been actively connecting with local youth groups and organizations, and developing peer-to-peer outreach initiatives that are steadily gaining momentum. 

In January 2024, Engagement and Programs staff initiated collaboration with the Henderson Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC) comprised of mainly local teens, parents and educators. An informational and interactive presentation shared the alarming data around fentanyl-related overdose deaths. Following the presentation, a facilitated discussion explored specific actions for supporting the campaign as youth champions in their homes, schools and communities. The Commission unanimously voted to support the initiative, with each member committing to actively disseminate information about the fentanyl awareness campaign. 

At the February 2024 BRC meeting, Commissioners reported that they presented campaign information to their student councils, hung flyers in school, handed out bracelets and shared campaign tools on social media. One board member even participated with the Broadcast Club at Green Valley High School to make their own PSA on the dangers of fentanyl, and include the Risk It All website for more information. Check it out here.The BRC also discussed and voted on priorities for the remainder of the year. While  topics like mental health and college readiness were considered, they ultimately voted to continue their support of fentanyl awareness for the remainder of their service to the city as a Commission this year. 

Since the Commissions’ latest decision, Chair Heitzman and Commissioner Loorz have spearheaded campaign promotion during St. Patrick's Day festivities. Other members, such as Commissioner Wang and Commissioner Little, have been involved in speaking engagements and tabling events at Mater Academy East High School, Indian Springs School, the State Student Council Leadership Gathering, Fire Station openings and more. Additionally, local youth seeking service hours like the City’s own Madi Labay pictured here, performing outreach on Water Street, have joined the effort. They have dedicated their time to spread awareness and earn service hours through volunteer engagement. Madi and her family engaged with approximately 70 parade attendees, effectively raising awareness about the dangers of fentanyl, particularly targeting her middle and high school age peers during preplanned activities. 

The increase in peer-to-peer engagement, largely kickstarted by our BRC youth leaders, has been inspiring and effective. The City’s Engagement team will continue to further activate and encourage peer-to-peer engagement and youth involvement. For a list of events and opportunities to get involved, please contact Brittany Toth at 

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