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Share Your Story

There is power and healing in sharing our stories, to honor those we’ve lost and to help others understand the true dangers of this drug. Here we share some personal stories being used around the country. And if you would like to add your experience, photos, or memories, please click here.

I really miss him

Valentina, a local teenager who goes to high school in Southern Nevada, lost her Uncle Angelo to fentanyl poisoning in 2021. She shares the story of her loss and how much she misses his presence in her life.

Meet Myles

"Laced drugs are just everywhere... It could have been him, or me, or anyone else at that party."

Hannah's story

Hannah was a 17-year-old Arizona student. She died from a counterfeit pill laced with fentanyl.

Overdose Awareness Day

Aug. 31 is Overdose Awareness Day — a reminder of my brother, his years in recovery and his tragic death from overdose.

My brother, Angelo, was a great inspiration to me and countless others in the recovery community. The treatment programs he helped put together changed many lives over the course of the eight years he was sober. Addiction, however, is a chronic disease that eventually took his life. His overdose is a devastating reminder of the fragility of both sobriety and life in general.

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I Lost my twin

I lost my identical twin sister in March of 2022. She was a medical professional, she was amazing at her job but this drug took her from us. The potency of this drug is killing kids and adults and ripping families apart. It's so unreal being born with her and now having to keep living without her. The pain and grief that comes with losing her is unbearable, I miss her so much every day.

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