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Fentanyl is Changing


It's Not Worth The Risk

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Fentanyl is changing everything

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It Only Takes Once

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I Really miss him

You've probably heard the message "Say NO to drugs" for years, but we need to talk about something really serious. Nowadays, it's way too easy to get drugs through social media, and a dangerous drug called fentanyl is causing a lot of overdose and even death. 


It's not just "troubled kids" who are dying - even athletes, straight A students, band and drama kids are losing their lives. And it's not just happening in far-off places – high school and middle schoolers right here in Southern Nevada are affected too. 


Sitting here now, you might think “I’ll never take drugs, but this is a prescription pill – people take them all the time.”  


The problem is you don’t know where this one came from. Chances are it didn't come from someplace legit, and it could be laced with a lethal amount of fentanyl.  


The scary thing is that you can’t even tell if a pill is real or fake because fentanyl doesn’t change the smell, taste or texture. 


It's not just street drugs that have fentanyl either - even fake, everyday pills like Tylenol and Ritalin can have it and be sold online.  


Fentanyl is way stronger than heroin or morphine, and it's really addictive. It can even be deadly on the first try! And if you buy drugs on social media, they're more likely to be laced with fentanyl. 


We know that experimenting is pretty common among young people, but with fentanyl, just one choice could be lethal. 


So, check out our toolkit. Together we can keep your friends and loved ones safe from this dangerous drug.  


Together, we can save lives!

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